How did MEBUAR come about and who is behind it?

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Hi, I'm Jen. Here's the brief story of how I got into this wonderful adventure.
I have always been passionate about fashion and dressmaking since I was a child. My mother was a dressmaker and I grew up admiring the passion and dedication with which she made each piece of clothing... She was certainly my greatest role model. Thank you mum!

I founded MEBUAR in 2018 with a very clear idea of contributing to reduce the environmental impact generated by the fast-fashion industry.At that time, I was making garments from leftover fabrics in order to minimise fabric waste.However, I felt that something was missing; it needed to be fully aligned with my values and I decided to put it on pause.

After a few years of living in Edinburgh surrounded by so much nature, I found myself connecting with it in an unexpected way and then..., I had my 'Aha moment' then, I decided to continue with this adventure called MEBUAR; this time, being a reflection of me.

"Everyone can do little things and make a difference,
everything counts."
-Stella McCartney-

MEBUAR is established son the following pillars


As an unbreakable promise
I use natural fibre fabrics with OEKO-TEX® and GOTS® certificates.
The packaging I use is made of recycled paper, as well as the labels.


As an attitude and a uniform. I conceive comfort as a claim that channels the security in us as strong, feminine and unique women just as we are.


As a philosophy of life. I believe in the generosity of humanity and of the planet we live on. Our conscious choices balance the scales of coexistence reflected in our well-being.


As a principle and a script in this wonderful story called life. As home, as healing medicine for us and the planet we live in.


As an aspiration. Creating honest, healthy ties and learning from each other in humility and mutual respect.