Commitment to sustainability

More than just a conscious fashion brand.

I firmly believe that it is possible to step on the brakes without the world coming to a standstill. Being aware that there is a wide range of great sustainable alternatives for a responsible lifestyle that allow us to continue to enjoy the bounty of nature. There is a "why" behind the message, the content I share and what I do.

“Decide who you are, what you want to express with the way
you dress and the way you live”
-Gianni Versace-

Hecho éticamente

All garments are designed and handmade by me in my small studio (a corner in the living room of my house) in Madrid. Each fabric has been carefully selected based on its origin and composition to be in line with my strong philosophy of unity.

Conscious Slow Fashion

At MEBUAR I take an holistic approach to fashion and lifestyle, staying true to my values that lead me to slow down to live with intention and foster a healthy relationship with myself and our planet. In this way, the MEBUAR woman radiates confidence through her strong and confident femininity, being in harmony with herself and the planet.

Natural Fabrics: From the Earth for the Earth

Fabrics make the difference and are at the core of my commitment to sustainability. They are made from a variety of natural fibres such as cotton, hemp and linen OEKO-TEX® and GOTS® certified

Sustainable Packaging

All the packaging I use are recyclable. The boxes and envelopes are made from recycled cardboard and the labels are printed on natural cotton. I have chosen to use recycled plantable paper hang tags (with seeds) on the garments so that we can fill our environment with plants and flowers, reciprocating the Earth's generosity.