Harmonious Coexistence: Honouring the Earth and Channelling the Art of Simplicity

With the intention of honouring the Earth and this planet that provides us with so much, Mebuar's aesthetic is characterised by soft tones and textures that reflect diversity. I aspire to live in a world where both the planet and people thrive generously. My radical commitment to sustainability leads me to a slow and thoughtful production process in which I create timeless garments that last over time, minimising waste and prioritising our wellbeing.

“Fashion serves two purposes: comfort and love.
Beauty comes if fashion achieves both".
-Coco Chanel-

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In order to take care of others and give the best of oneself, one must be at ease within oneself. By proudly accepting the different facets of our body and femininity, we embody our authentic version of ourselves. Mebuar garments reflect femininity regardless of size, body shape and without compromising on comfort. I believe in a community where you are celebrated for being you as you are. Each piece is designed to free us from the "ideas" of dressing dictated by society in which femininity is measured according to pre-established standards.

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Balance and Kindness

I believe in reciprocity and just as we receive so much from Nature, it is only fair that in return, we give her love and gratitude through our conscious choices. Dressing is almost a daily ritual and, I believe, should not cost us either our planet or our well-being. Embodying the values of minimalism, I proudly insist that less is more. By initiating the habit of buying less and producing less, we, as a collective, adopt that awareness as a choice, thus taking a step towards making a positive impact on the world around us and within ourselves.